With over 120 questions spread across 11 categories, you have the freedom to design surveys that address specific areas of interest and gather actionable insights.

Teamenty's platform allows you to mix and match questions, creating surveys that are perfectly aligned with your objectives and the unique culture of your organization.

Happy employees are more productive, healthier, and more likely to stick around. Prioritizing employee happiness is key to creating a thriving work environment.
Healthy employees are less likely to experience illnesses and injuries that can lead to absenteeism and reduced productivity.
Can be measured with surveys, evaluations, feedback, turnover rates, and complaints, which identify areas for improvement and help ensure effective leadership.
Peer feedback powers teamwork and personal growth. By encouraging a culture of open communication and feedback, your team can achieve greater success together
Employee ambassadorship provides organisations with valuable insights into level of engagement, satisfaction, level of commitment and loyalty
Alignment & Involvement
Alined employee contribute to a positive organisational culture and create a sence of community among their collegues
Employee recognition encourages continious improvement of skills and performance
Valued and happy employees are less likely to leave the company, reducing turnover and the costs associated with recruiting and training new hires.
Learning & Development
Track the effectiveness of your training programs and ensure that employees are developing the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their role
Gather insights on the feedback mechanisms in your workplace, helping you refine your communication processes.
Work-Life Balance
Support a healthier work-life balance and build a more engaged and productive workforce by understanding how well employees can balance work and personal life

Do you know your employee engagement rate?

Don't let low employee engagement hold you back. Take charge of your workplace dynamics and organizational success. Discover your engagement rate today and unlock the key to a more motivated, productive, and connected workforce."

Why Teamnety is Needed

  • Employee Engagement Crisis

    Companies struggle with low employee engagement, leading to decreased productivity and high turnover rates.

  • Manual Data Analysis Bottleneck

    HR teams spend an excessive amount of time manually collecting and analyzing employee feedback, delaying the decision-making process.

  • Employee Feedback Accessibility

    Many organizations struggle to make it easy for employees to provide feedback.

  • Ineffective Survey Analysis

    Organizations frequently encounter difficulties in analyzing survey results effectively.

Empowering Engagement

Introducing Teamenty, the Ultimate Employee Engagement Solution

  • Automated Pulse Surveys

    Teamenty offers automated pulse surveys to make it easy for employees to provide feedback promptly and conveniently. Real-time feedback accessibility encourages higher participation rates.

  • Data-Driven Insights

    Teamenty's advanced analytics and reporting provide actionable insights from survey data. Quick and effective analysis helps organizations make informed decisions.

  • Tailored Surveys

    Customize your surveys to fit your organization's specific needs and objectives. Tailored questions lead to more targeted and actionable feedback.

Employee Feedback Accessibility

Say goodbye to the challenges of employee feedback accessibility with Teamnety

  • Enhanced Accessibility

    Teamenty ensures that employees can effortlessly provide feedback and share their thoughts. Improved accessibility results in a wealth of valuable insights.

  • Automated Feedback Loop

    Teamenty helps you close the feedback loop efficiently by enabling action plans and follow-up tasks. Employee feedback translates into real, positive change.

  • Advanced Feedback Analytics

    With powerful analytics, you can derive actionable insights from employee feedback, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement.

Insights Dashboard

Welcome to the heart of Teamenty - the Employee Insights Dashboard. With this powerful tool, you gain a comprehensive overview of your organization's employee engagement and feedback data, all in one place.

  • Real-time Data Visualization

    The Employee Insights Dashboard provides real-time data visualization, allowing you to instantly see the pulse of your organization. Track engagement levels, survey responses, and key metrics as they happen.

  • Trend Analysis

    Uncover trends and patterns in employee feedback. Use historical data to identify areas of improvement and measure the impact of your initiatives over time.

  • Actionable Insights

    The dashboard provides actionable insights at your fingertips. Easily identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for change, enabling you to make data-driven decisions.

  • Feedback Loop Management

    Manage the entire feedback loop from the dashboard. Assign action items, set follow-up tasks, and track progress on addressing employee concerns. Ensure that feedback results in meaningful improvements.

Pulse Survey

Pulse surveys are brief, targeted questionnaires designed to capture employees' feedback, sentiments, and insights at regular intervals.


Fostering a Positive Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is the lifeblood of any organization, shaping its identity, values, and how employees interact with one another. A strong and positive corporate culture is the cornerstone of success, and Teamenty is here to support your efforts.

  • Employee Engagement

    A positive culture fosters higher employee engagement, leading to motivated and dedicated teams.

  • Talent Attraction and Retention

    A strong culture attracts top talent and retains valued employees who align with your organization's values.

  • Innovation and Adaptability

    A supportive culture encourages innovation and adaptability, essential in a constantly evolving business landscape.

  • Employee Well-being

    A positive culture contributes to employee well-being, reducing stress and promoting job satisfaction.

Success is a journey, and we're ready to take the first step with you. Let's build a brighter future together.

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